Herbs : What is Mas Cotek (Ficus Deltoidea)?


Mas Cotek or its botanical name as ‘Ficus Deltoidea’, is a wild plant and lodging in on other trees. This name of the plant also varies to some district, state or other countries. For examples, Sempit-sempit, is known in Sabah and Sarawak for its name and Tabat Barito for Indonesian and Kangkaliban for African.

Through the opinion and society's view reputed that Mas Cotek comprises of the male and female trees which could be identified through leaf-shaped and the seed. While, from its scientific side Mas Cotek is divided into hundreds of species.


The leaf looks golden in colour and it has black moles behind the leaf in every meeting to the veins where it provides nutrition to mankind. It also contains flavonoid and triterpenoid components which act as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition to that, it is believed that the Mas Cotek leaf can break fat and remove excessive cholesterol in blood channels and thus avoid practitioner from headache, migraine and stroke.

Water boiled for the leaf, stem, root and fruit of Mas Cotek is traditionally used to relieve waist ache, to reduce fatigue and most importantly it is to increase sexual desire for pair couple. It is also believed that it can react for male hormone stimulation to improve body endurance. The Mas Cotek Leaf can be cited and chewed when it is fresh.

Traditionally used to treat ailments such as:

• Eliminate toxin inside the body
• Improve blood circulation
• Nerve/joint illness
• Reduce in blood sugar content
• Reduce high-blood-pressure
• Remove cholesterol and fat
• Relieve consequence of piles pain
• Migraine
• Energy restorative for inner self
• Dysmenorrheal
• Shrink baby delivery channel/Tighten vagina
• Delay the menopause process

Source : http://www.sriain.com.my

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